Robin Kingsland

Based upon the Novel "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque. Presented by special Arrangement with the estate of Paulette Goddard Remarque

 Below: James Alexandrou (Paul Baumer

Above Left: James Alexandrou (Paul ) David Cardy (Kat). Below & below left: The ensemble. 

Paul Baumer, a poetic young man, along with a group of his schoolfriends, is browbeaten by their teacher into joining the “Glorious Adventure” of WWI. They soon find out the grim realities.  We see the young men taking joy from little victories – the extra rations carelessly ordered before half the battalion was wiped out; the sing song in a bombed out house as it is reduced to rubble around them, an elicit liaison with women across a river on a midnight “mission”. But there are also the losses of friends, and the atrocities that are unavoidable – for instance when Paul has to kill an enemy soldier and then lie all night in a shell-hole with the dying man, riven by agonies of conscience. One by one all his schoolfriends die, to be followed by Paul’s unofficial “father figure”, Kat. And finally Paul too meets his end in the dying months of a war that has so inured the Germans to loss that dispatches on the day of his death only warrant the single sentence “All Quiet on Western Front”

With a cast of eight, the play brings to life Erich Maria Remarque’s classic novel of a doomed generation, "the men, who even if they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war". In a bombed-out factory set (original des. Phil Brunner), miked up so that a hammer raked across corrugated iron becomes withering machine-gun fire, and slammed grilles explosions, the story unfolds like a testament from pergatory, with the comrades bewildered and surprised to learn of their own deaths.

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"A deft and sometimes beautiful fluency..."Joyce McMillan - The Scotsman

"A true ensemble production.."  The Metro

"A fast-moving ensemble piece...  ... [A] powerful and enduring play". Pat Ashworth, The Stage

"For power and emotion, a picture of terrible, inevitable, mindless waste, this is a substantial achievement"  BBC Nottingham.

"..this play brings out the genuine love and humanity of war as well as the horror" Nottingham Evening Post.

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