Around the World in Eighty Days

Above: Simon Jessop  (Fix) Richard Brightliff (Passepartout) Neil Boorman (Policeman) Paul Leonard (Fogg)

Above: Natasha Moore (Aouda)

Below: Marcus Webb (Clown) Paul Leonard (Fogg), Richard Brightliff (Passepartout)

Above: Neil Boorman (British Consul), Simon Jessop (Fix)

Everything needed to tell the story- from steamships to trains to land yachts to the interior of the Reform Club and even an elephant (left), is built before the audience’s eyes from circus paraphernalia, adding an element of inventiveness and imagination to an already rich narrative approach

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First Produced by the Queens Theatre Hornshurch on April 13th, 2007, This adaptation of Jules Verne's Classic is set in a circus takes as it's springboard the idea that Passepartout, after his adventures as manservant to Phileas Fogg, has retuerned to one of his earlier jobs as a circus acrobat. The play opens as the roustabouts strike the big top before moving on to the next town. When they are apparently "late” finishing a break, their new foreman demands to know why. He is told “We go by the Frenchman”. Further questioning of course reveals ”the Frenchman” to be none other than Passepartout. In order to explain their faith in his flawlessly accurate timepiece above all others, the workers begin to tell the tale of how he came to by it... but in order to tell that story, they must also tell the story of the whole journey.... "Around the world in Eighty Days"! 

In this energatic and fast-moving adaptation, a cast of six actors (5M 1F) play a multitide of roles: Aouda, the Anglo-Indian princess, Fix, the determined but bumbling detective who suspects Fogg of robbing the bank of England, as well as a multitude of minor characters - Brahmins, policemen, judges, opium addled sailors and elephant traders. there is even one brief appearance from Wyatt Earp in this fast-moving and  fluid staging, which tells the story more faithfully than most, while bringing to the fore the story of the softening of Fogg’s stiff, starched heart.

Above: Richard Blightliff (Passepartout), Paul Leonard (Fogg) Below: Simon Jessop (Foreman), Richard Blightliff (Passepartout)

AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS, adapted by Robin Kingsland was first produced by the "Cut to the Chase" the Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch.  Director: Bob Carlton. Designer: Rodney Ford. Cast: Neil Boorman, Richard Brightliff, Simon Jessop,  Paul Leonard, Natasha Moore and Marcus Webb

Above: Richard Brightliff (Passepartout),                  Marcus Webb (Sailor)

Photographs of the premiere  production on this page

all copyright Nobby Clarke 2007

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