Robin Kingsland

In a varied portfolio, Robin has plays written for adult audiences, family audiences, for young people to watch and for young people to perform, and has written original plays and musicals as well as stage adaptations Please click on the following titles to go to dedicated pages for: 

All Quiet on The Western Front 

Around the World in Eighty Days

The Moonstone

Sleaze - (60's-set musical reworking of "Measure for Measure)

For brief descriptions of plays for performance by young and student actors, see below.

  PCUK - A Mid$ummer Night's Remix - click HERE

 Having snuck out of their homes for an elicit evening in the city, two young lads miss their last bus and are stranded. They meet a homeless, streetwise lad their own age, but reject his offer to protect them till the first bus in the morning. Before long they are drawn into the underbelly of the city, meeting a charming but dangerous drug-dealer-to-the-stars,  drug-lord’s “enforcer” Polyphemus, under-age prostitute Calypso, homeless, drug-ruined intellectual Ty and “Transformatrons” boss Circe, who's girls will turn men into whatever they want to be - for a price. But the lads’ homeless protector, well aware of the risks they face, has followed them, determined to prevent them being destroyed by the city…

This script, based on the Greek epic the Odyssey, was developed through a course at PERFORMING ARTS LABS. With multiple characters, and a moody, impressionistic and darkly funny style, the play  is intended for performance by youth theatres.To read an extract click here

Woyzeck tells the nightmarish tale of a poor soldier who is forced to sell his body for scientific experiments to support his beloved wife and child. When is wife is distracted by another man, Woyzeck driven to madness by the daily humiliations of his life, commits the ultimate crime.

Commissioned by Nottingham Playhouse Youth Theatre, this is a new version of Georg Buchner's seminal, written to accomodate a larger cast. Working from transliterations of Buchner's original fragmentary scenes, this text tries to tease out  and bring into sharper relief both the dark humour  the underlying psychological nihilism of the play.

Original Production directed by Sarah Stephenson

 Below - Production stills by Robert Day

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