Robin Kingsland

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-  recent work – The critics’ view-


Charley Malloy in Steven Berkoff’s “ON THE WATERFRONT”  “the excellent Robin Kingsland as Charley” (Variety). “in the famous "I coulda been a contender" scene between the two Malloy brothers the two actors( Robin Kingsland and Simon Merrells), make a tightly coiled double act.(Independent) “Robin Kingsland, as Charley, is amazingly good.” ( Robin Kingsland fully shows the oiliness of the hero's gangster brother. (Gerald Berkowitz,Theatreguide London)


Victor Franz in Giles Croft’s acclaimed production of Arthur Miller’s “THE PRICE”, at Liverpool playhouse  “A  heartfelt portrait of a man whose innate decency has always been taken for granted” (The Guardian) Robin Kingsland plays an enigmatic, almost Pinter-esque character of great understatement, poise and wit (The Stage) Victor [played] admirably, with taste and understanding, by Robin Kingsland (Nottingham Evening Post) “a magnificent portrayal” (British Theatre Guide)


Lead character Gavin Salter, in a new play “GARAGE BAND” by Andy Barrett. Gav is a bitter ex-punk from Salford, trying to relive his glory days by reforming his old band. “Robin Kingsland's passionately committed Gavin” (Guardian) “An authentic belligerent swagger”(TheStage)


Dick Barton in Croydon Warehouse’s series of outrageous spoofs “DICK BARTON, QUANTUM OF PORRIDGE”. Having a ball as the doughty hero, and doubling at one point as the evil “Doctor Sweiger of the Stasi”. After all the heavyweight roles I have played recently, it has been a joy to go out and make people laugh! The acting…is terrific” (The Times) “Barton is brilliantly portrayed … in middle age by Keith Floyd-esque Robin Kingsland.” ( The Stage) “Robin Kingsland, suave as [Barton], and hilarious as arch-fiend Dr. Schweinhund” (Croydon Advertiser)


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