"My Days – these Mortals –

why dey be such Fools!?”

Originally an attempt to introduce teenagers to blank verse, and to try and convey the accessibility of Shakespeare's stories once the language gap can be bridged, PCUK - A Mid$ummer Night's Remix quickly took on a life of its own when Robin introduced some of the scenes into his drama classes at Pineapple Performing Arts School. 

The students engaged immediately with the characters, situations and comedy, so when the organizers of the 2010 Big Dance initiative invited the school to perform,  the full show seemed an obvious choice. PCUK - A Mid$ummer Night's Remix received it's premiere on July 10th 2010 at the Leicester Square Theatre in the heart of London's West End.

Further well received performances led to a decision to take the show to the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival:  the first time the school - or indeed Pineapple Dance Studios - had ever been represented at the prestigious event.

With it's combination of witty script,  brilliant comic performances from the young cast and exuberant street-dance, the show was an instant hit, and by the end of its single week at the fringe was playing to SRO full houses.

Several teachers commented on how useful the play would be to introduce some of their more reluctant English Literature classes to the themes and story of Shakespeare's original, and there have been several requests for acting copies of the script (playscript publishers, take note!) 

A brief storyline, with production photos and snippets of text is available here

 What the Edinburgh reviewers had to say about "PCUK - A Mid$ummer Night's Remix:

"The jewel in the crown is Robin Kingsland's script and direction. This production is not far off a west end showing. It glitters with potential" (British Theatre Guide - five stars awarded)

" There is great wit in the adaptation... Shakespeares' humour and ideas are updated brilliantly...genuinely well thought out charaterisations ...Brilliant one-liners ...grand humour ... The lovers are very funny... inspired adaptations of Shakespeare's verse... and the crew trying to put on their "Rappera" (rap meets opera) very well played  " (Edinburgh Spotlight - four stars awarded)

"The World-renowned Pineapple Dance Studios from London bring their show to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time, and it's a cacking one!... you won't want to miss this!" (Hairline)  

 Below are some of ROBERT DAY'S fantastic production photographs from the Edinburgh Performances, with grateful acknowledgement and thanks to 

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